Welcome to Thetford River Group

River Cleans

River Cleans

Our volunteer community group litter picks and monitors the health of the rivers Thet and Little Ouse and their riverbanks, all through the year, from the town downstream to Santon Downham.

Crooked Wing Disease

Making a Difference

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of the rivers Thet and Little Ouse and the lives these rivers flow through.

Riverfly Monitoring

Riverfly Monitoring

The monitoring scheme, used alongside routine monitoring by the EA and the other agencies, ensures that water quality is checked more widely and action is taken at the earliest opportunity and acts as a deterrent to incidental polluters.

Thetford River Group

The team of local community volunteers regularly patrol the rivers in canoes and kayaks, collecting the river litter and taking it to the collection points.  We also monitor the health of the invertebrates, fish and wildlife in the catchment area.

We are working with Anglian Water to help keep the bigger picture of Chalk Streams and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive on track.

Part of our day is to help people gain a deeper understanding of the way in which our domestic waste water and our drinking water form part of the aquatic network in our catchment.

We are guided by The River Trust and part of the River Care project.

Keeping the Riverbank healthy

Thetford River Portage Locations

Considering a visit to the area with your canoe or kayak? You may wish to download and utilise our extremely handy portage map for the immediate area of Thetford covering the rivers Thet and Little Ouse.    

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